About us

Sans Tattoos was a dream of our founder Mr. Vinay Waghela which was realized after 5 years of dedicated tattooing. The art of tattoo making came to him naturally, it was a progression from the paper pencil sketches that he made since childhood.

A good tattoo artist needs to have a spark within him and Mr. Mukesh Waghela ( Brother) helped to ignite the spark in our founder and hence resulted in opening a tattoo studio. When you desire to get a tattoo, you undergo a long process of visualization and when that is realized it’s a joy that knows no bounds. We always strive to bring that one impeccable smile on client’s face, which speaks of their satisfaction. And our that’s in our motto in Sans tattoo studio.

We at Sans tattoo studio offer customization of designs, you can always walk in with any concept and we would confidently shape it into reality.

We at our tattoo studio make our best efforts to become Best Tattoo studio, and Best Tattoo shop in Calangute & Goa. Our Founder & our tattoo artist team together make quality efforts to make sure our clients gets the best service from us. We keep on updating ourselves with new tattoo trends all over the world.